About Secrets To The Universe,
Haiku and Senryu, Poetry, And Inspirational Thought for Contemplation Written By Wit

In 1999 Wit started E-mailing his Haiku poetry to family, friends and co-workers. From these meager beginnings Secrets to the Universe was born. People quickly started passing on Wit’s poetry and the list of readers grew. Wit later added thought-provoking (sometimes controversial) observations to his E-mailings.

Working in the electronic industry for over a decade, Wit found solace from the high paced and stressful industry with the observation and writing of nature and the human condition. Many of Wit’s readers could identify with the high stresses in their own lives and took refuge in the reading and contemplating of the little moment that Wit shared. 

Wit is the first to state that his writing style of Haiku does not always follow the strict rules set down centuries ago. Taking these artistic liberties has enlightened, entertained , and challenged his readers. Wit believes that this is what has led to the popularity of his writings.

The collection of Wit’s writings is now offered as a multi-volumed E-Book the first titled, “Secrets to the Universe Volume I”.

For more information about Secrets to the Universe go to the press kit link below.

Press kit for Secrets to the Universe

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