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Secrets to the Universe

is a book of Haiku and Senryu, Poetry, And Inspirational Thought for Contemplation Written By Wit.

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"Written by a man who stands like a Viking, Speaks with the heart of a knight and views the world with the eyes of a Samurai. Secrets to the Universe is an amazing collection of moments expressed in the tradition of those warrior poets who again stand among us in the renaissance. That man is Wit ."

--George "Walks In Power" Cassell

“A delight to read. Wit's collection of haiku poetry is always touching and causes one to take a moment and think. I enjoy sharing the feelings they bring with friends”.
--Carlos Reyes

" Wit makes one realize your own past, present and future experiences. It causes the rebirth of these experiences long forgotten or those to come. I will read it over and over”.
-- Stephen J. Lynch, D.C.

"Wits Secrets to the Universe is a compendium of meditations, a manual for those of us who seek to look past what our world shows us, and who look inside to not so much to see what we are, but what we can attain. A must read for all.”
-- S.M. Pelland

"Wit's insight and intellect has led him on an incredible journey of curiosity, introspection and exploration. The incredible universe has always intrigued him. This book is a culmination to date of Wit's ongoing journey"
-- Jon Anderson

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