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Wit's Haiku In School Project.
Bringing The Benefits Of Haiku To Students.


Wit’s Haiku in School Project is a guideline to help schools teach students to incorporate the elements of Haiku and Senryu into their writings and to enhance the students’ observational skills.

These steps are examples of what a school might do. They may be modified to suit the school’s particular needs.

Haiku is easy to learn and master even for an inexperienced writer. Haiku is a compressed form of expression that uses only seventeen syllables. Because the writer is required in using only seventeen syllables to capture and convey the special essence of a moment, the writer must be concise when writing. The practice of this concentrated form of expression can help students achieve brevity in their other writings (such as essays) without sacrificing complexity.

For grades: 1-12+

The supplies needed.

A small notebook for each student small enough to reside in a pocket or purse for easy access when the special moment occurs. A pencil can be rubber banded to the notebook.


Benefits: enhanced observational skills. Incremental achievement (small steps leading to a large goal) Benefits: how to teach, patience, and mastery at something. Benefit: public speaking, faith in writing. Benefits: Paragraphs will become sentences.
                  Sentences will become words.
                    Words will become a Universe. Benefits: Student will learn to let go of their art, proofreading, time management, organizational, and project management skills. Benefits: Students will learn how to layout pages for book printing. Benefits: Learn the printing and binding processes. Learn the request for quote process. Benefits: Marketing, market analysis, wholesale retail sales and distribution.

Enjoy Every Moment.

Have a Great Life,


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