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The President

is a song written and preformed by Wit. It is a serious piece from an idealistic point of view of the most important office in the world. Read what people are saying about, "The President".

"The President" is certainly not something that I expected, but I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised by Wit." ......To categorize “The President” as a simple pop song is doing it a great injustice. “The President” boldly stands out on its own as art......

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“Okay, you gotta get this song out before the election”.-G. H.

“This song is scary.I never realized the importance of what I was voting for. I will never disreguard my vote again”.-E.S.

“Is this song satire or is it the truth”?-B.C

“Wit has sucessfully pointed his finger at the most powerful position in the world”-M. G.

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